Pakistan developing its WhatsApp-like Program to Cancel data breach

So as to protect itself from routine breaches of information at the time of hacking, Government of Pakistan is now developing its own version of WhatsApp-like program for the government officials.

“We’ve been working to enhance our cyber safety and produce a messaging program like WhatsApp for police officers,” explained Dr Arslan Khalid,” Prime Minister Imran Khan’s focal man on electronic networking, quoted Arab News.

The growth comes after reports surfaced in October that programs packed with malware are targeting Pakistan’s army and government.”The military, other government agencies and their officers were also the topic of a parallel espionage campaign using both desktop and mobile parts BlackBerry scientists have dubbed OPERATION DUALPAK2 which uses recently identified Windows malware household BlackBerry scientists have dubbed PWNWIN2.

BlackBerry researchers decided this attempt to be the job of the following state-sponsored APT team called CONFUCIUS,” Canadian technology firm BlackBerry stated in a report.

Meanwhile, the messaging platform would function as official communication channel between all national ministries to discuss official documents.He added that the stage will be available only through exceptional ID.

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