Growing inflation Profiting Pakistanis, says Gandapur

With increasing vegetable prices breaking the consumers back, Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Ali Amin Gandapur says that the price hike is great for Pakistan as it’s benefitting the farmers.

Talking to local media, the federal minister gave his take on rising inflation, and that alarmed many as the ministry said that the farmers are forced to raise prices because of rising cost of diesel and transport.

“The farmers benefited the most from inflation, they are also our brothers,” said Gandapur.”Last year that the rate of potatoes prevailed, which caused losses to potato farmers, therefore if someone is benefiting from the inflation they are Pakistani farmers as well,” said Gandapur.

The skyrocketing costs of vegetables especially tomatoes have caused quite a bit of stir in the market lately.

Only days ago, that the Advisor to Prime Minister on finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh found himself oblivious to entire situation.Shiekh was completely oblivious about the cost of tomatoes in the market and said it was being sold in wholesale market at Rs17 per kg. Whereas, tomatoes were being marketed over Rs400 per kg from the country.

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