Ali Rehman Reacts Using a cashier in video to backlash over misbehaviour

Famed Pakistani actor Ali Rehman got embroiled in a controversy after a video of him lashing out at a cashier made its way to the internet.

“What really happened! Folks, I know you are all very anxious to hear my side of story. So without any further delay, I would like to share what happened there and stay tuned to this space as you will soon get to see the complete picture and you will surely love it. #ComingSoon #WaitForIt #BigNews,” Rehman captioned a video message he uploaded on social media.

Rehman revealed that, “The incident was a social experiment that was aimed at raising awareness against the VIP culture.”

“I am happy that we have raised our voice against the #TumJaanteyHoMaiKaunHoon culture,” the Parchi actor added.

In the controversial video that had gone viral lately, Rehman was seen standing in front of a food counter at a local restaurant yelling at a cashier.

“Am I joking with you? Do you talk like this to every man who comes here,” the actor fumes.

The cashier responds to him saying, “Sir, please don’t be upset.”

Rehman then proceeds to ask the cashier the highly contentious question, “Do you know who I am?” to which the cashier responds again by saying, “Sir I was not joking with you.”

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