Huge oil, gas reserves Found in Sindh Which are enough to fulfil the country’s needs for 90 years

Sources knowledgeable about the issue told press on Saturday that the government anticipate the existence of 95 billion cubic feet (TCF) Shale gasoline and 14 billion of stock tank barrels (BSTB) petroleum set up resources.

“The gas reserves are sufficient to fulfil the nation’s requirements for 90 decades.”According to a preliminary evaluation, the well would create 50 barrels every day (BPD) of crude petroleum and 4.1 Million Standard Cubic Feet per Day (MMSCFD) of gasoline.

The OGDC had stated that the discovery wouldn’t just raise hydrocarbon reserves in the nation and could also have a beneficial effect on the nation’s market.In August, the OGDC also found new gas and oil reserves in Kohat. Based on statistics available at that time, first testing has been considered since it revealed the stream of crude petroleum at 240 barrels each day and 12.7 million standard cubic feet (mmscf) of gasoline.

Earlier in June, the OGDC declared it had found oil and gas reservoir at district Sanghar of Sindh.Months past, Petroleum Concessions Director General Imran Ahmed had advised the Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum the entire gas and oil production in the nation stood in 89,030BOPD and 3,935MMCFD at 2018-19.

The energy mix of the country included 34 percent natural gas, 31pc petroleum, 13pc coal, 9pc liquefied natural gas and 1pc liquefied petroleum gas whereas the remainder came from different resources, the committee has been informed.

The overall sedimentary region was stated to be of roughly 827,268 square kilometres while the area under quest was 224,976 square kilometres.

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