I am here to Not save my seat, yet to bring change in Pakistan’: PM

The PM performed groundbreaking of a variety of welfare jobs, in health, education, water and communications businesses in Mianwali.

Addressing the people gathering, the premier said that this was only the start and voiced commitment to execute health, education and water related jobs in Mianwali.

He added that the provincial authorities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab will be introducing a local government program under which elections will be held at the village level.

The PM said that the nation has been placed on the ideal direction, adding that rupee has stabilized and the current account deficit has been decreased for the first time in four years.

He said the market has adopted the ideal direction and he’s pleased with his economic team. As a consequence, the PM said, confidence of overseas investors is restoring in the local market and companies are coming back to the nation.

While speaking about the current sit-in at Islamabad, the PM said that people who have been standing on the containers are scared of their achievement of their authorities on the financial front.

“They know they’ll be caught. They combined forces because they know we’ll find that money they stole back,” he said. “The reports said the patient’s condition was so bad that he could expire at any moment.

You will find at least 15 diseases in these reports about Nawaz having heart problems, kidney issues, diabetes and platelets,” the premier said.The PM wondered if the Pakistan Muslim League — Nawaz leader saw that the plane and immediately become healthy or was it that the London air.

He said that he seeks clarity on the matter and that the matter has to be investigated.

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