Mahira Khan lets her Bob Marley Lover girl out

Pakistan’s leading lady Mahira Khan has let her inner fan girl out over acclaimed music icon Bob Marley.

In her latest Instagram post, the 33-year-old Raees star pays tribute to the Jamaican music legend by sharing a clip of one of his old interviews.

In the video, Bob was asked if he has made a lot of money through his music to which he said: “Money? I mean what is a — how much is a lot of money to you?”

“Have you made, say, millions of dollars?”, the interviewer asks and is responded with a resonant “no.”

He is then asked if he is a rich man, Bob says: “What do you mean by rich?”

“Can you have a great deal of possessions, a great deal of cash in the bank? ,” he’s asked. “Possessions make you wealthy? I really don’t have that kind of wealth,” he explained.

Sharing the video, the Verna actor tells her fans what a massive Bob Marley fan she is, as was suggested by a poster in her room.

“Bob yaar,” Mahira stated, adding:”P.S In school the only thing we’d up in our wall was a life size poster of Bob Marley, courtesy @hissankhann.”

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