Chewing sugar free Chewing Gum can Decrease tooth decay: Research   

ISLAMABAD: Chewing sugar-free gum could help in reducing further development of dental caries (cavities) in adults and children, according to evidence presented in a recent study by researchers at the King’s College London.

Published in the journal “Journal of Dental Research,” the study found some evidence that chewing sugar-free gum may reduce the advancement of dental caries and could be used as a viable preventative agent as opposed to non-chewing control methods, such as oral health education and supervising tooth-brushing programs alone.

Sugar-free gum has been found to decrease caries, which makes it a preventative factor of 28 percent.
It included analysis of research identifying 12 that researched the effect and intervention results of chewing gum gum on health conditions, and in dental caries on adults and kids.

“There’s a substantial amount of variability in the impact from the printed data along with the trials contained were typically of moderate grade,” explained lead author Avijit Banerjee, Professor of Cariology and Operative Dentistry in King’s College London.

“But we believed there is a definite requirement to upgrade and refresh present knowledge regarding sugar-free gum as well as its impact on dental caries and oral health.
“We’re planning additional research to ascertain the acceptability and feasibility of utilizing this method in general public health,” Banerjee added.

In the last couple of decades, chewing gum gum has emerged as a potential supplement to existing prevention strategies in preventing the growth of dental caries.

“The stimulation of saliva that could work as a natural barrier to protect teeth, along with also the mechanical plaque control which results in the action of chewinggum, can promote the prevention of dental caries.

“Sugar-free gum may also work as a carrier for antibacterial ingredients such as xylitol and sorbitol.

No current conclusive evidence existed before this particular review that revealed the association between slowing the growth of caries and gum chewing gum,” Banerjee said.

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