IHC Reservations Verdict maintainability of contempt of court plea against PM

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) booked on Tuesday its verdict on the maintainability of a request accusing Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan of contempt of court because of his’contentious’ opinions on the judiciary.

Throughout the event, IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah requested the petitioner what issue he’s about among prime minister’s current language.

The petitioner accused the maximum of ridiculing the judiciary. The prosecution requested the petitioner if he understood the result of such a movement to need a trial from an elected maximal.

“Would you desire the trial of an elected prime minister? Would you like the prime minister to become disqualified?” Advocate Saleemullah Khan had filed a petition at the court contrary to the maximal on Monday.

The request came after the PM’s recent speech at the inaugural service of Havelian-Mansehra part of this Hazara motorway in Havelian. The PM’s statements came after the Lahore High Court let Nawaz Sharif to traveling abroad for four months to get clinical therapy.

The CJP had taken note of the PM’s address and responded to him that it had been the authorities that enabled Sharif to traveling abroad for medical care. “Only law is stronger than anything else in judiciary’s opinion. Do not criticize the judiciary for your conclusion,” he explained.

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