Shark in Egypt 2021

Going to Egypt’s tourist destination, issued a passport and a visa, everyone wants the hotel and his rest to the safety of the ocean. The events of 2010 and 2011 (attacks) and the re-invasion of sharks in the waters off Egypt in 2013 made it doubtful whether it was possible to go there.

Let us look at the possibility of a shark attack in the Red Sea near Egypt.

Is there a shark in Egypt?
Whatever you say, but in the Red Sea near the Egyptian coast, sharks are always warm and related to the ocean. Of course, near the coast of Egypt, their number is much smaller than the number of Sudanese waters. However, if we consider the shark population throughout the Red Sea, then it contains 44 of these predators.

What sharks are found in Egypt?

Sharks are usually classified as:

Black and grey reef;
Scalloped and huge shark hammer;
Zebra, silver, and tiger;
Long-winged black wing;
Shark nurse and shark horse.
Among these common species, shark killers are seen in Egyptian holidaymakers’ attacks: sharks, long wings, zebras, tigers and black-winged sharks.

Where do the Egyptian sharks meet and attack?
Sharks have appeared in many places, but are more common in:

Ras Mohammed National Marine Park – here you can find almost all sharks;
Sharm el-Sheikh, in the Arkul Bay and the worry-free reef – reef shark;
Near Marsa-Alema – reef shark;
Bay Naama Bay – Silky Sharks;
Safaga, a panoramic coral reef – a variety of reef sharks.

Egyptian shark attack

Of course, there have been incidents of shark attacks on humans in the history of Egypt, but they are most often killed by the Egyptian government, but some of them are still public:

Summer 1996: A long-winged shark hit a swimmer in the Mars Bereika area north of the Ras Mohamed coral reef. The predator hurt him, but rescued the returning dolphins from human death;
2004: A case of a shark attack diver was recorded in Sharm el-Sheikh;
2009: A shark attacked a 50-year-old French tourist at Marsa Allam Resort while diving into the water, resulting in the death of a woman due to injury and blood loss;

November-December 2010: Within a week, five shark attacks occurred at the Sharm el-Sheikh resort (near Nasrani Bay, Naama Bay), three of them from Russia and one from Ukraine. Numerous physical and psychological traumas have been received, as well as German residents – dying from large amounts of blood and trauma, incompatible with life. The attack was carried out by long-winged sharks;

Spring 2011: Once again in the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, according to the tourists who are resting there, there is a huge attack of tiger sharks – a killer killing;
January 2013: Visitors report the emergence of large sharks in the waters around the famous resort of Egypt – Hurghada.

What should I do when I encounter a shark?

If you still really want to visit the coast of Egypt, you should be familiar with such safety rules:

Sharks don’t attack a group of people, they only attack single divers and swimmers;
If you notice the shark, don’t panic, don’t try to swim, don’t move suddenly, act as calmly as possible;

Egyptian shark attack

If you are injured, please leave the water as soon as possible – the smell of shark blood will feel several kilometers;
Do not feed fish on the reef;
Don’t leave the shore or immerse yourself in the journey – from the coach and the boat;
Don’t take a shower at night, this is the time for shark hunting.
Of course, the presence of the Red Sea shark does not guarantee that you will meet her, but to reduce this possibility, it is best to follow the water safety rules listed above when going on vacation.

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